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Hot Stone Massage


Lindsey has been providing therapeutic massage and bodywork for nine years. She has a compassionate and inquisitive nature and loves the challenge that comes from working with an intricate system, such as the human body. Over the years, she has focused her practice and pursued advanced training in the field of pain and injury therapy--always striving to stay current with the latest research and best practices. She holds a bachelor of science degree in the field of psychology from Boise State University and graduated in 2008 from Massage Training Center in Nampa, Idaho. Lindsey is licensed by the state of Idaho to practice therapeutic massage. 

"As a child, whenever I saw someone in pain or not feeling well, my instinct was to reach out to them through touch--providing a soothing and healing hand. Now, as a licensed massage therapist, I feel extremely honored each day to help clients improve their health and quality of life--whether they be recovering from an injury or illness and seeking pain relief, needing increased mobility and range of motion, or seeking relaxation from the effects of a hectic modern day lifestyle."

                                                              - Lindsey White, LMT

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